EU funding

Installation of renewable energy resources

in July, 2023 Dainava, Ltd started the implementation of the project which purpose is to install 275 kW solar powerplant. The project will increase the share of renewable energy resources in the general energy consumption of Dainava, Ltd. At the same time, it will encourage the increase of the usage of renewable energy in the sewing industry. In this way, the project will contribute to the mitigation of the climate change and decrease the dependence of the energy import.

Dainava, Ltd will implement the project with optimal usage of the time and resources to maximalize the achievement of the goals and results set in the project contract.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
The name of the project: Installation of renewable energy resources.
Project manager: Dainava, Ltd.
Start of the project: 20th July 2023.
End of the project: 30th April 2024.
Project budget: 215 780 EUR, of which the part funded by the European Regional Development Fund is 119 427 EUR.